Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 1st Oct 2017

Genesis 17:1-14

Matthew 3:13-17

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(READINGS: Genesis 17:1-14,  Matt 3:13-17) 

Baptism was placed as a clear sign of the new covenant by Jesus.  What did he say in Matthew 28 that makes this clear.

Jesus brought in a New Covenant while Abraham’s covenant with God is now called the Old covenant.  Looking at Genesis 17 what do you understand as being the old covenant? 

Looking at circumcision as a covenant sign for the Jews and baptism as a covenant sign for the Christian church does the application of the sign always guarantee the outcome.  Look at the lives of Jacob and Esau as an old Testament example.  What does this mean for us in terms of baptism.

  • The catechism sets out a definition of Baptism as an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.  Can you see that there are two elements involved.
    • the outward physical (Splashing water, saying I baptise……)
    • the inward spiritual (Repentance and faith)

Can you think about what is in each element?  (see brackets)

These do not need to happen at the same time, but they do need to happen.  In adult baptism the inward will normally come first, in infant baptism the outward will be first.  But it is highly unlikely that both will happen at the moment of baptism.

  • thinking about the visible church ( those gathered on a Sunday) and the invisible church (those who God sees that really have repented and are walking by faith and growing in the fruit of the Spirit), can you see a difference?  
  • The world just sees the visible church but God sees both.  How does God see you?  Take a moment to prayerfully ask God and remember his response will be the first thought that comes to your mind.  


(AAA: Remembering the three A’s of doing the Word, APPLICATION, APPLICATION, APPLICATION)