Called to Obedience

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 19th Nov 2017

Acts 9:1-19

Life Group guidelines

 “Christian Basics: Elementary Teachings”

Called to Obedience

(READINGS: Acts 9:1-19)

Ice breaker:  Can you describe a time when you struggled to do what you knew you should do? How did you feel?


  1. The story of Sauls conversion is a very dramatic story.  Can someone retell the group the story of Gods encounter with Saul in your own words?
    1. Give the others in the group an opportunity to fill in any omissions in the story.
  2. V6 tells us God told Saul to expect someone to come and tell him what he must do next.  Stopping the story at v9, if you had to pick someone to send to Saul, who would you send?  
    1. What criteria would you use to select the person to speak to Saul?
    2. What gifts and talents would you want them to have?
    3. How does Ananias measure up to your standard?
  3. What was so special about Ananias that God choose him and not one of the apostles?  
  4. There are many answers but one word is central, obedience!
    1. Read John 14 and John 15
    2. Look at all the promises in these chapters rewarding obedience. (chap14:15-16,17,19-20,23,26,27)     (chap 15:7,8,10,14,16) 
  1.   How would you rate your obedience today?
  1. Read Matt 28:19-20 - is this an optional statement for us?
  2. Who has God laid on your heart to encourage today?
  3. Have you been with someone when they prayed asking God into their life?  What should we say?
  4. Remember Edward Kimball who was led to pray for a disobedient little boy who disrupted his Sunday school class called Dwight Moody (DL Moody), he accepted Christ and a chain of events followed, that changed the world, and no one knows Edward Kimball.    


[Edward Kimball - DL Moody - Wilbur Chapman - Billy Sunday - Mordaci Ham - Billy Graham]Life Group guidelines


Remember the key is application, application, application.