CEF Training


Jonathan and June Graham hosted a 10 week CEF Teaching Children Effectively course and after a lot of hard work, study, homework and presentations, 17 of our leaders were successful in gaining their certificate.  We are especially proud that six of those who completed the course are part of our own youth fellowship.  The in-depth course covered many topics including doctrines, preparation, scripture memorisation and visual communication in teaching.  The training has been of great benefit to all our leaders and volunteers. 


On Sunday 10th February, we had a service of thanks for our Children’s Church leaders and children at Ardess.  Jonathan Graham was our speaker at this service and he spoke about the importance of God first in our lives in an entertaining service which spoke to both young and old.  He presented the CEF Certificates to the leaders:  Rosie Beare, Megan Bogle, Lauren Booth, Diane Booth, Esther Boyle, Anna Bryson, Alan Crawford, Nicky Gormley, Fiona Harvey, Ayla Johnston, Glenn Johnston, Pamela Likely, Shirley-Anne McCann, Ben McGloin, Shevonne Nagel, Amanda Robinson, Nia Robinson and Zoe Osborne (not able to make church).  


We are very thankful for the Lord’s blessing upon our children’s ministry and look forward to seeing it develop further.


PHOTO - (back row, left to right) Jonathan Graham, June Graham, Reverend Philip Bryson, Alan Crawford, Fiona Harvey, Ben McGloin, Diane Booth, Shirley-Anne McCann, Glenn Johnston, (middle row, left to right) Anna Bryson, Pamela Likely, Amanda Robinson, (front row, left to right)  Canon Henry Blair, Nia Robinson, Nicky Gormley, Shevonne Nagel, Rosie Beare, Ayla Johnston, Esther Boyle, Lauren Booth and Megan Bogle.