Changing Attitude's

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 18th Mar 2018

Life Group guidelines

 “Marks Gospel: The story of Jesus”

“Changing attitudes”    

(READINGS: Mark 10:1-52)


  • Ice Breaker: -Share a time when you needed to change your attitude.
  • In this chapter Jesus sets out a number of paradox Statements that at first glance appear contradictory.
  • Two shall be one
    • In marriage we find this statement.  What does this say about closeness?  
    • What attitude does Jesus refer to that says divorce was necessary?  
  • Adults shall be children
    • How do you have faith like a child?
    • Where are you struggling to simply trust God with childlike faith?  
  • First shall be last
    • The young man said he kept the commandments but how had he failed?
    • What would Jesus say to you?  What do you need to do to follow him?
  • Servants shall be rulers
    • How does Gods economy differ from the world’s?


  • Poor become rich.
    • How was the poor beggar made rich?  
    • What was his response to Jesus?

Take a few moments to pray into how you feel God wants to change your attitudes.