Galilean Wedding

We were delighted to have Jay McCarl from Canada come and join us and explain the events around a Galilean Wedding of Jesus day and how the biblical picture of the end of time reflects the wedding events.  With the background of the full regalia of a Galilean wedding (and our actor parishioners!) Jay managed, quite magnificently, to show us the parallels of the Galilean wedding and Jesus’ covenant to us where Jesus is the bridegroom and also how He would fulfil that covenant to us on His return to earth at the end of days.  The representation was in-depth but extremely entertaining and his ability to compare the wedding to enable insight into the depth of Jesus’ love for us and His eagerness to come back to earth for us was quite astounding.  However, Jay also reminded us that only God, not even Jesus, knows when that day will be.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with a strong message to live our lives for our bridegroom and to take heed of the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25 1-13) as we do not know the day or the hour when Jesus will come back for us.