General Easter Vestry

The Easter Vestry was held on 28th March and the evening consisted of the reports from all the different organisations of their activities during the last year and then the election of the new vestry and other positions as this was a triennial year.

and the following were elected to office.

Rector’s Church warden - Peter Booth

People’s Church warden - Sydney Liggett

Rector’s Glebe Warden - Glenn Johnston

People’s Glebe Warden - Alan Crawford

Select Vestry:  Tanya McKever (Treasurer), Ruth Graham (Secretary), Gerald Knox, Jonas Knox, Louie Lee, Bob McCurry, June McCutcheon, Elaine Milligan, Alan Spence, Frances Spence, Diane Smith, Robert Thompson

Parochial Nominators:  Alan Crawford, Elaine Milligan, David Morrow, Robert Thompson

Supplemental Parochial Nominators:  Gerald Knox, Bob McCurry, June McCutcheon,
Frances Spence

Diocesan Synod Members:  Marian Anderson, Mae Glenn, Matthew Graham


Supplemental Diocesan Synod Members: Peter Booth, Margaret Graham, Ruth Graham