Going Deeper - February 2017

Going Deeper

At the end of February, we concentrated on the subject of commitment at our first ‘Going Deeper’ evenings.  We looked at Joshua’s commitment to God and what that led him to do for God.  Like Joshua, when we have the right commitment to God by putting Him first in our lives, we can see the kingdom of God in advance.  


However, the other side of the coin, is what happens when we are not committed.  As we thought about this, we looked at what Jesus had to say to the church of Laodicea (church in Revelation Chapter 3 that is charged with being lukewarm in terms of their faith).  The idea of being lukewarm in our faith is where we fit our faith into the normal routine of life and so God is no more important to us than anything else we do.  It is expressed in an attitude that says we will go to church if we are free or have nothing more important to do, or we will go if we are bothered.  The result of this lukewarm attitude however brings a stark warning from Jesus, as he says he will spit us out of our mouth (the same reaction you would probably have to drinking lukewarm water, if you were expecting it to be either hot or cold).  Cold brings with it the sense of distance, dispassion and not caring.  However if we are hot the fire of God’s spirit burns within us and we are passionate, involved and excited.  The only thing that we can be is hot, lukewarm or cold leads to death.