Jesus, Us and the Will of God

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 28th Jan 2018

We are sorry that the recording failed today.


Life Group guidelines

 Mark 3:13-35

“Jesus, Us and the Will of God”




            When you decided to become a Christian and respond to the Good News what did you think you were signing up for and have your expectations changed over the years?  And if so how and why?


             Has Sunday’s sermon and/or what you yourself see in this passage challenged your thinking on what you might be expected to do as a follower of Jesus? (3:13-19)


            Can you think of an occasion when someone or a church or? that has/have witnessed perhaps unusual signs and wonders happen in their midst have been criticised as being ungodly or allowing demonic things to happen?


             Is the “unpardonable sin” spoken of by Jesus here (3:20-30) of any concern to us in our church – or in our time?  


            Jesus speaks about the “unpardonable sin” in the context of the mistaken conclusion reached by religious rulers who wouldn’t acknowledge that God was in what he was doing.  Can we see that religious spirit at work today in any way?  What might we decide to do to make sure that we don’t fall prey to its thinking?


            What does it mean to do the will of God?


             Do you do the will of God?


             Have you ever noticed that when you try with God’s help to do His will that you seem to be drawn closer in heart to others who are also trying with His help to do His will?  What could this mean for A) Lifegroups, B) Individuals, C) for the Church body in Ardess, D) for the growth of a family atmosphere in the life of our Church?


             What could you go and do this week as a response to what you’ve heard and discussed tonight at Lifegroup?




(AAA: Remembering the three A’s of doing the Word,