A More Challenging Road Ahead

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 11th Mar 2018


Life Group guidelines

 Mark 9:1-50

“A More Challenging Road Ahead”




            Can you think of an occasion when you met someone or saw them from a distance and you knew that you knew them from somewhere but couldn’t quite place them?  And then you remembered.


            Can you recall when you first came to recognise Jesus as the answer in your life? 


            When you confessed your faith in Jesus did your life become easier?


            Sometimes it is said that when a person makes a decision of faith in Jesus that they think that their lives are going to be plain sailing from now on.  More often than not this is not the experience had.  But would it be fair to say that coming to Jesus doesn’t make your life easier but it makes your life better?  If you agree or disagree, explain.


            Have the challenges that have arisen as you have followed Jesus along the path of discipleship been what you expected them to be?  Have they caused you to doubt or strengthen your commitment to Jesus?   


            A guess would be that the Christian life has brought more challenges than expected but have those challenges felt big because of a wrong view of discipleship, that is, that it would be easy?  If that is so, might it have helped set a better perspective on what to expect if you had have received Jesus teaching about taking up your cross and about the fate of your master who would be murdered for him stance and beliefs and that it would be hard?


             Where does or should JOY appear in our challenging discipleship?


See Hebrews 12:1-3


             What could you go and do this week as an individual or Lifegroup in response to what you’ve heard and discussed tonight?




(AAA: Remembering the three A’s of doing the Word,