Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 12th Nov 2017

Isaiah 2:1-5      John 15:9-17

Life Group guidelines

 “Christian Basics: Elementary Teachings”


(READINGS: Psalm 46,  Isaiah 2:1-5; John 15:9-17)


Ice breaker:  When you look at the poppy what do you think of?


  1. What does the bible tell Israel to remember, think about Moses and the journey in the wilderness? Deut 5 v15. 1 Chron 16 v12  
  2. Isaiah chapter 2 opens with a vision of the future.  When is Isaiah looking forward too?
    1. What does Isaiah say will happen to our learning?  v3
  3. What does Jesus tell us in John 15:9 that we are to do?
    1. How can we show the same love to those around us?
    2. How can love be practical?
  4. What is the command that God asks of us, sum it up in one sentence?  (Mark 12:30-31)
    1. Is this reflected in our society at the moment?
    2. When you strip it all away what do the paradise papers stand for?  (It reflects the difference between the letter of the law and the essence of the law)
  5. Jesus looks on us differently in this passage:-
    1. Jesus calls us a friend, what does that mean for our position. (v14)
    2. The alternative is to be a servant.  If you’re a servant what do you know? (v15)
    3. Which model reflects your life with Christ?




This is not a regular-style Bible Study presented by the leader.  It is an opportunity for all to participate and share thoughts on the particular passage.  The leader (facilitator) guides the discussion so that everyone experiences God (hears from Him) and knows what experience they will take away with them.  The emphasis is on practical application of the Bible to people’s lives personally, and to the group as a whole.  The leader must become skilled in involving every member in discussion without embarrassing them, while staying on course to fulfil the teaching goal and ensuring that every person leaves with a positive experience that they can work out practically.