Meet Gods Servant
Up unil Easter we are going to look at the gospel of Mark and work our way through it and learning about the servant that God has sent to us.



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18 Mar 2018

Lent 5

Mark 10:1-10:52

Changing Attitudes

25 Mar 2018

Palm Sunday

Mark 11:1-26

Servant King in Jerusalem

26 Mar 2018


Mark 11:27-12:44

The servant Prophet

27 Mar 2018


Mark 13:1-13:37

Servant shows the future

28 Mar 2018

Wed Holy Week


Servant adored. Betrayed and Forsaken

29 Mar 2018

Maundy Thursday 

Mark 14:53-15:20

Servant, rejected and condemned

30 Mar 2018

Good Friday


The servants death

1 Apr 2018

Easter Sunday

Mark 16:1-20

Empty Tomb



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Changing Attitude's

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 18th Mar 2018

Life Group guidelines

 “Marks Gospel: The story of Jesus”

“Changing attitudes”    

(READINGS: Mark 10:1-52)


  • Ice Breaker: -Share a time when you needed to change your attitude.
  • In this chapter Jesus sets out a number of paradox Statements that at first glance appear contradictory.
  • Two shall be one
    • In marriage we find this statement.  What does this say about closeness?  
    • What attitude does Jesus refer to that says divorce was necessary?  
  • Adults shall be children
    • How do you have faith like a child?
    • Where are you struggling to simply trust God with childlike faith?  
  • First shall be last
    • The young man said he kept the commandments but how had he failed?
    • What would Jesus say to you?  What do you need to do to follow him?
  • Servants shall be rulers
    • How does Gods economy differ from the world’s?


  • Poor become rich.
    • How was the poor beggar made rich?  
    • What was his response to Jesus?

Take a few moments to pray into how you feel God wants to change your attitudes.

A more challenging road ahead

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 11th Mar 2018

Mark 9:1-50

Our eyes open slowly

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 4th Mar 2018


Life Group guidelines

 “Marks Gospel: Meet Gods Servant”

Our eyes open slowly


Ice breaker:  Can you think of a time when you were the last person to realise what was going on around you?


  1. What are the similarities and the differences between the stories in Mark 8:1-10 and Mark 6:30-44? 
  2. What do you think of the reaction of the disciples in Mark 8:4?
  3. If you had been with Jesus what would you have said thinking of the events that went on feeding the people in Mark 6?  
  4. The Pharisees come looking for a sign, v11?  What do you think they are asking for?  (Matthew 12v38 gives a hint)
  5. What sign would make it easier for your friends to believe?  
  6. The disciples missed the point and did not see the feedings as miracles.  This can be a comfort to us, when we do not see God at work.  Can you tell how you have seen God working in your life this week.  
  7. The story of the healing of the blind man shows Jesus gradually bringing healing, what does this say to us?
  8. Peter has a real moment of wow revelation v29.  Do you think he understands what he has just shared?
  9. Look at v31-38 and we see that Peter does not really understand yet, his eyes are still only partially open.  
  10. The blind man said, “ I see people they look like trees walking around”.  How do we see what God is doing when we look around?  



Lord open our eyes that we might see Jesus in our every day.  

"It's the Word of God and not Tradition that Saves and All are Invited"

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 25th Feb 2018

Life Group guidelines

 Mark 7:1-37

“It’s the Word of God and not Tradition that saves and all are invited”

            Can you remember a time when you did something to fit in and be accepted by a particular group of friends.  What did you do and why did you feel you had to do it?

            What community do you feel most part of and why?  (this can be a religious community or perhaps a social group, etc…)  What did you have to do to become and remain part of that community?

            Does anything that you do to be a part of this community come in conflict with the word of God?  Does any of its practices, ideas, traditions make it difficult for you to accept the word of God and live out your Christian faith?  (this may include the Christian community you are a part of)

            Can you think of any tradition within a community you are part of that is taking precedence over or against the teaching of the word of God and needs challenged?

            Is there any community or people that you would have a difficulty sharing the Gospel with?  And why?

            What does it look like to share the Gospel with a different community while at the same time not preaching the need for them to keep our traditions and also teaching that they may have traditions that need challenged too?

             There are many good traditions.  What good traditions may we encourage and use within our Christian community?

             What could you go and do this week as an individual or lifegroup in response to what you’ve heard and discussed tonight at Lifegroup?


 (AAA: Remembering the three A’s of doing the Word,




Who will trust the servant?

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 18th Feb 2018

Life Group guidelines

 “Marks Gospel: The story of Jesus”


(READINGS: Mark 6:30-56)


  • Ice Breaker: - Think of a time when you were not prepared for the way things turned out.


  • Lets think about the different groups we see in this chapter and how they respond to Jesus.


  • Neighbours from his home town.
    • Mark 6 opens with the attitude of the people who grew up with Jesus.  Can you associate with this approach?  
    • V2 There words sound encouraging at first, but they finish by undermining Jesus. Why?
    • Can you think of someone who was different and an encouragement to you in your christian walk.? 


  • Crowd
    • The crowd is always the same, what do they want?  
    • Why does Jesus bother with them?  
    • How do they respond to Jesus?  What is it that motivates their actions?



  • Disciples
    • Think about how the disciples felt as they went through the country side?
    • What had Jesus told them to bring?
    • What had happened as they went?
    • How were they feeling on their return?
    • They wanted to talk to Jesus but could get no peace with the crowds.
    • As they talk about feeding the crowd what do we see about their attitude to miracles?
    • Do they really get the power of Jesus?
    • What happens as they cross the lake?