Daniel Man of Prayer
When Daniel was taken away to Babylon his world fell apart and everything he knew was taken away apart from his relationship with God.  Over the next weeks we will see how God used Daniel to speak to the nation of Babylon and warm them of what was to come.  This was the role of a prophet and still is today.  To bring warning of what God is about to do. We will also see how Daniel can speak to us today. Please take time to read the passage before our worship each week.



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1 Jul  2018


Daniel 1:1-2:49 

 The dream of a gold statue

8 Jul 2018


Daniel 3:1-30 

 A call to worship an idol 

 15 Jul 2018 

  Daniel 4:1-37 The dream of a towering tree 

22 Jul 2018 

  Daniel 5:1-31 The writings on the wall 

29 Jul 2018

  Daniel 6:1-28 State Worship

5 Aug

  Daniel 7:1-28 A vision of the four Beasts

12 Aug

  Daniel 8:1-27  A vision of the ram and the goat 

19 Aug 

  Daniel 9:1-27  A vision of 70 Weeks

26 Aug

  Daniel 10:1-11:1 Persistent Prayer

2 Sep

  Daniel 11:2-12:13 Daniel Vision of world history


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church roof and tower

A Vision of the four beasts

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 5th Aug 2018

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Daqniel 7:1-28,  Revelation 13:1-7

Daniel 6 State Worship

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 29th Jul 2018

Daniel 6:1-28

Matthew 6:5-15

Daniel in the lions den.

Daniel 5 The writing on the wall

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 22nd Jul 2018

Daniel 5

A towering tree

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 15th Jul 2018

Daniel 4


The dream of a gold statue

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 1 July 2018

Daniel 2:7-37

Matt 7:7-14