King Jesus
Have you ever paused to think what it means to have Jesus as King in your life?
What would be different?
What would change?  
Date Sunday Title Sermon  readings
 Sun 18th Nov 2018 2nd Before Advent  Jesus is Life  John 11:17-27
Sun 25th Nov 2018 Sunday before Advent Christ the King

John 18:33-37

Revelation 1:4-8

Sun 2nd Dec 2018 Advent Sunday Mission  Archbishop Ben


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church roof and tower

Jesus is Life

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 18th Nov 2018

John 11:17-27

Hebrews 10 21-31

Remembrance Sunday

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 11th nov 2018

John 15: 9-17  

Strong Church, strong family, strong marriage

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 4th Nov 2018

Ephesians 5:21-33


I have started but then what?

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 28th Oct 2018

Colossians 3:1-17

Christian Community - Walking with others

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 21st Oct 2018

1 Thessalonian 5:12-28   Family Values.