A four week series based on the life of Joseph.  Read the whole story for yourself in Genesis 37 through to Genesis 50.

7   May Easter 4 "When life is just not fair ..."  Genesis 37 - 39
14 May Easter 5 "When you feel abandoned and forgotten..."   Genesis 40 - 41
21 May Easter 6  "When life is looking up..."  Genesis 42 - 50
28 May Easter 7  "Jesus in Joseph's Mirror"  Genesis 37 - 50


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church roof and tower

Easter Sunday. Seeing God at work.

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 16th April 2017

John 20:1-18


Gods plan for the cross

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Fri 14th Apr 2017

The bible shows us that the crucifixion was not the Pharisees plan but God's.

Psalm 22,  Isaiah 53  John 18:1-11

The Anointing.

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Thurs 13th Apr 2017

On Maundy THursday we look at the events of Holy week, as Jesus is anointed.

A story to be told, a story not told, our story to tell.

 Mark 14:1-11

Palm Sunday Triumphal Entry

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 9th April 2017

Matthew 21:1-11.