Servant brings Freedom

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 21st Jan 2018

Life Group guidelines

 “Marks Gospel: The story of Jesus”

The servant brings freedom

(READINGS: Mark 2:23- 3:13)


Ice breaker:  What are your memories of what you did on a Sunday as you were growing up?  What has changed now?


  1. Put the story of Mark 2:23-28 into your own words?  
  2. What was the heart of the problem the Pharisees had?  Which verse in Jesus response was most challenging?
  3. The story of David is found in 1 Samuel 21:1-6 if you have time you can read it.  What was Jesus saying in this response, The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath? (v27) 
  4. Can you relate to the situation of having rules for doing things, perhaps in work, and how you feel when things are done differently? 
  5. What was really annoying the Pharisees was the thought that Jesus paid no heed to them and their authority.  What would have happened if Jesus had healed the man the next day (Mark 3:1-6)?
  6. The authority of Jesus is seen clearly in these verses.  What effect does this have on the Pharisees (v6)?
  7. Do you ever feel so threatened in a situation that you will work with a rival to attack someone who annoys you? This can readily lead us to gossip and worse.
  8. The Pharisees were willing to go to any lengths to get rid of Jesus.  Sadly today when the gospel is preached it often stirs the same division in our hearts and people rise up against God’s people.
  9. What motivated the crowds to come to Jesus?  (v8)
  10. This shows us very clearly the importance of testimony and sharing what God is doing in your life.  When we realised all that God has saved us from, this should motivate us to help our friends and neighbours and family to come to God. (Mark 5:18-19)
  11. Look at the preparations Jesus had to make (3:8)  How would we have behaved?