Servant brings a new kingdom

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 4th Feb 2018

Life Group guidelines

 “Marks Gospel: The story of Jesus”

The servant says the Kingdom of God is like”.  

(READINGS: Mark 4:1- 4:35)


  • Describe your picture of Gods kingdom.


  • Tell the parable in your own words.  Then add on what you understand it to mean.


  • Parables can be read and understood at different levels.  The seed in this story is the word of God, the seed is the same seed but what happens depends on how it is received - 3 brand ways.   


  • The parable shows that not everyone will accept the word and also that the fruit produced will not all be the same.  Do you find this encouraging or discouraging?


  • Where do you put a lamp? (v21) What does this say about being a farmer?


  • Challenge is not to be content with what you hear (v22).  What is the ultimate goal of the parable as seed produces seed?  


  • Parable of growing seed reminds us that hearing the word is only the start of the process. (v27).  How have you grown in last year in your relationship and understanding of God?


  • Parable of mustard seed speaks of small beginnings growing into the largest of trees.  Don’t despise the simple word of testimony you have, that seed can grow. (v31)


  • If birds represent Satan stealing things, in parable of the sower, how do you see v34?