The Servant is here

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sun 7th Jan 2018

Life Group guidelines


 “Marks Gospel: The story of Jesus”


The servant is here


(READINGS: Mark 1:1-45)


Ice breaker:  Who would you say was your role models as you were growing up?


  1. Mark wants to quickly get to the heart of the subject and tell us what Jesus was like.  
  2. Who would you pick as a witness to establish your credibility? 
  3. Mark has a number of witness statements in the initial verses to  confirm who Jesus is. 
    1. Who are his witnesses?
    2. Which witness is most important to you?
    3. How would you describe each witness?
  4. The picture of Jesus in Mark is of a servant ?  Mark 10:45 is the passage that is seen as a key text in Mark.  What do you feel / think about adopting this attitude in all your life?
  5. The authority of Jesus is seen in a number of ways in the remainder of the chapter.  Can you see where Jesus exercises authority? 
  6.  What details are we given of his time in the desert?
  7. Read Matthews account of the temptation by Satan to compare. (Matt 4:1)
  8. What was said of Jesus preaching?
  9. How was his authority shown in dealing with interruptions when speaking?
  10. How is the heart of Jesus moved by people?
    1. What happens when he is told about Peters mother in law
    2. What does this lead to?
    3. Why does Jesus decide to leave the village?   
  1. What do we see Jesus modelling for us (v35) that makes Jesus different?  
  2. After this conversation what happened?
    1. How does this speak to us?