Signs of the Times

Rev'd Canon Henry Blair
Sunday 10th Dec 2017

Life Group guidelines 

Something to get you started... 

“Signs of the times” 

(READINGS: Matthew 2:1-12,  Matt 24:1-35) 

Ice Breaker:If you could know one thing relating to the future what would it be? 


  • God shows his people, and the world what he is doing, last week we saw how he announced the Saviour in Matthew 2 we see a sign of his birth was given.
    • What was the sign?
    • Where do we find it in scripture?  (Numbers 24:17)
    • It was given by a man named Balaam, what do you know of him?
    • Was it a natural occurrence or from God?  
  • This symbol did not appear to be very clear, only a few far off wise men noted it.  What was so interesting about the Jews response when they appeared at the palace?
  • Who went looking for the new king?
  • When Jesus returns he tells us he what will happen in preparation.  Matthew 24
  • Do you think the signs that Jesus shares are clear?
  • What else would you want him to share to make it clearer?
    • Do you see a progression in what he says?
    • Scripture calls these birth pains, what do you know of the natural process of giving birth?
  • Matt 24:12 -13 “the love of most grows cold but he who stands to the end will be saved.”
    • What does this say about salvation?
    • What warnings do we see here? 
  • Why does Jesus give us such detail?  Why do you think it is important to know?  
  • What does Jesus not want to happen to us?
  • The final sign is found in v30?  


(AAA: Remembering the three A’s of doing the Word, APPLICATION, APPLICATION, APPLICATION)