Told of OLd

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 3rd Dec

Isaiah 60:1-8  Matthew 2:1-11


Life Group guidelines

 Advent Series on Matthew 2:1-12


(READINGS: Matthew 2:1-12; Isaiah 60:1-12; Micah 5:1-5)




            How well do you know the Christmas story?  What is your favourite part of it and why?


            Is the fulfilment of prophecy important in the Christmas story especially when considering

                the link between Matthew 2 and Isaiah 60 and Micah 5?  And if so why?


            When we see Old Testament prophecies being fulfilled in the birth and life of Jesus does

                this or should this have any positive affect upon our faith, and if so how and why?


            If we understand Isaiah 60 to reference Jerusalem being visited by the people mentioned

               – what significance is there that the Gospel writers appear to connect it to Jesus and

               not Jerusalem? 


            What could the prophetic messages and the fulfilment of prophecy tell us about God’s

                love for us and for the world?


            Can we learn anything from God’s love that might challenge us to consider loving

                others differently?


            Does this reflection cause us to think afresh or differently about how God loves us. 

                If so how?




This is not a regular-style Bible Study presented by the leader.  It is an opportunity for all to participate and share thoughts on the particular passage.  The leader (facilitator) guides the discussion so that everyone experiences God (hears from Him) and knows what experience they will take away with them.  The emphasis is on practical application of the Bible to people’s lives personally, and to the group as a whole.  The leader must become skilled in involving every member in discussion without embarrassing them, while staying on course to fulfil the teaching goal and ensuring that every person leaves with a positive experience that they can work out practically.