When Jesus Comes to Town

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 14th Jan 2018


Life Group guidelines

 Mark 2:1-22

“When Jesus comes to town”




            Jesus was in Capernaum before we read of the events of Mark 2:1 (see Mark 1:21-38).  What do you think went through the minds of those who heard that he was back – that caused them to want to come and see him again and even bring their sick friends?


            Is it possible for Jesus to be “in the house” today, that is, a geographical location such as a church building and if so how might this be possible and how would we know? 


             Have you ever been desperate to get to Jesus? If so how and why?


             Have you ever been desperate that others that you know get to Jesus?  And if so who, how and why?


            In Mark 2:13-17 we have the account of Jesus calling Matthew/Levi to follow him.  How might it have felt for Matthew to be called by Jesus to follow him?  How does it feel today to be called to be a disciple of Jesus?


            Jesus taught that it was only sinners who needed a Saviour.  How do we convince people that they are sinners in need of a Saviour?


             When Jesus comes to town he is usually involved in teaching, casting out demons, healing, raising the dead, calling people to come follow him and be his disciple, standing up for the love of God against dead tradition and dead traditionalists, showing kindness to the poor and outcast…


- if you are part of the body of Christ then which of these do you particularly feel called to do and how are you going about putting this ministry into practice and how might you support each other in this?





This is not a regular-style Bible Study presented by the leader.  It is an opportunity for all to participate and share thoughts on the particular passage.  The leader (facilitator) guides the discussion so that everyone experiences God (hears from Him) and knows what experience they will take away with them.  The emphasis is on practical application of the Bible to people’s lives personally, and to the group as a whole.