The Word: From Parables to power

Rev'd Philip Bryson
Sun 11th Feb 2018

Life Group guidelines

 Mark 4:35-5:43

“The Word: From Parables to Power”

            The emphasis in the sermon was on doing, releasing, decreeing the word of God.  How are you involved in doing that day by day or week to week and how might this challenge you to do it more or differently?

            People might find the last question difficult to answer because of the mind-set that it is an ordained person’s place to do that and it’s not really my thing … BUT who does God want to do His word, live out His word, and declare His word in actions and in truth?   And how can they be encouraged to do it?

             In the parable of the sower there was much to oppose the easy growing of the seed of the word of God.  Have you ever a) shared / spoke out what you believed to be God’s word in the past or b) received a word from God, and then came against opposition?  If so has it put you off a) doing it again or b) wanting to receive a word again, and if so is that a good position to remain in?  And how could you get out of that place?

             Do you believe that the Gospel of the Kingdom is powerful and if preached, declared, demonstrated, lived out, prayed through, believed in – could dramatically affect your street, community, church and nation?  If you believe this – how could you play your part in seeing it happen?

            What is the difference between faith and fear?  How does fear hold us back from receiving and doing and how can we create an atmosphere of faith around us to be able to receive and do more easily?

            In each of the stories Jesus is the central figure and all around Him are people in trouble being welcomed into life.  John 10:10 speaks of Jesus’ abundant, fullness of life – who do you know that needs Jesus in this way – and what might you do encourage them to look to Him?  

             What could you go and do this week as an individual or lifegroup in response to what you’ve heard and discussed tonight at Lifegroup?

 (AAA: Remembering the three A’s of doing the Word,