Love God, love each other and love people ... Confirming our belief and trust in God for ourselves.

Jigsaw - ServicesIn infant baptism, parents and godparents promise before God to bring up their child or children as Christians, by their own example, by their prayers, teaching and love and by encouraging them in the life and faith of our parish in regular attendance of our Sunday worship and participation in our Children's Church.

As we grow and mature we come to a stage when we are able to think through those promises made on our behalf, what they mean and whether we can own them for ourselves. At Confirmation you have the opportunity to declare publicly the promises made on your behalf at baptism, to confirm your own faith in Jesus Christ. 

At Ardess we run a course for Confirmation candidates called 'God, Me and the Church' from October. Based around the Youth Alpha Course, it provides a fun, interactive and multimedia opportunity to think through what it means to be a Christian and to be part of the Church of Ireland.

The topics include: 

Is Christianity boring, untrue or irrelevant? Who is Jesus and why did he die? How can I have faith? Why and how do I pray? What about the church? What about the Holy Spirit? Does God heal today? We also looked at main articles of belief such as the Apostle's Creed and visited the church. We also asked some folk to come and tell us what it's like to live as a Christian today - at home, at school or wherever we find ourselves to be.

Once the course has finished, members will have been able to think through Christian truths for themselves and make their own decisions about whether to go forward to the Confirmation Service, where they declare the truths publicly and receive the laying on of hands from our Bishop.

In later life, some folk who have never been Confirmed may wish to explore what it might mean for them - and we would be delighted to talk to any interested in adult Confirmation.

Please contact Revd Philip.