At Ardess Parish we seek to serve a God who reaches out to all peoples throughout the world and in our own community.  We endeavour to share the good news of the gospel in our own life and support others who desire to share the gospel in other places. 

Most of the people involved in these missions have come from our own parish or have connections with Ardess.


Kindfund - Kenya

Ken & Pam Dobbin from Ardess Parish spend around 8 months of the year managing Kindfund in Kenya.

Orphan feeding programmes in Northern Kenya showed a need for permanent homes for some children, who were living either in homes without an adult, or with grandparents who were not able physically or financially able to support them. 

The children are encouraged to know their Bible and to participate in regular evening and Sunday fellowships.



YWAM - Bridges

William & Rachel have been involved in YWAM for 15 years and currently their vision is to build bridges to enable Christians to take the news of Jesus and the Gospel throughout Asia and across the world.  Over the years the team of volunteers has grown and as locals come to faith so the vision to reach more people with the gospel is growing.



YWAM - Youth with a Mission - Perth Australia 

Richard & Emma Blake are involved in Discipleship Training Schools worldwide.

YWAM Perth is an international community passionately committed to the Great Commission; seeking God for new ways to make Jesus Christ known through evangelism, training and mercy ministries. Our primary focus is on youth, cities and where the Gospel is needed. Our work includes local and international ministry and field-focused training.



YWAM - Youth with a Mission - Perth Australia 

Sarah has recently begun a school of frontier mission with Ywam Perth. Sarah has completed her training in Perth for 3 months and is doing a 21 month outreach in the Far East, sharing the gospel with people who have never heard the name of Jesus before.  Please pray for Sarah as she continues in this new season of her life.