Mullaghfarne Harvest

On Sunday 8th October, we gathered for the first of the parish harvest services in Mullaghfarne hall at 3.30pm.  It was wonderful to have the Rev Andrew Quill along as our guest speaker and Andrew reminded us from Philippians chapter four of our continual need to be thankful for all that God has given us, and reminded us that even though we may not get everything we want completely we should be very thankful to God for what we already have.  It is useful to perhaps pause and remember that there are many times when we can think of those who are worse off than us and it puts our needs and wants into perspective.  


Friends in the Afternoon

There was a good turnout for the first meeting of the new term where Canon Henry and Helen talked about their time on sabbatical in Canada and showed some of the 4,000 pictures they had taken as they toured around.  Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and was very taken with the diverse nature of the landscape, from the very flat lands of Manatoba to the high mountain passes of the Rockies.  


We thanked Mrs Mae Glenn for working as the Secretary over the last two years with a presentation of a bunch of flowers which was presented to her by the incoming secretary Mrs Louie Lee.  


MEN'S NIGHT - AD Kingdom & Empire

Thirty men attended on Thursday, 26th September 2017, for our cinema experience, with popcorn and a can of pop, to watch the first two episodes of A.D. Kingdom & Empire - ‘The Tomb is Open’ and ‘The Body is Gone'.  We opened with prayer and a worship song, had a break break between the episodes to enjoy scones, jam & cream (and of course the obligatory tea/coffee) and finished up with a few words from Rev Philip. 


Ardess Heritage Weekend

On 9th and 10th September 2017, it was a busy weekend for St Mary’s Parish Church as it participated in two days of tours, launched an innovative phone app and held a Commemoration Service to honour those buried in the adjacent Famine Pit. 


The Church has a remarkable history going back to the fourteenth century and recently a Heritage Lottery grant has helped essential repairs to be carried out to the fabric of the church. This has led to a meaningful community outreach that has involved the wider community including the chapel in Ederney.  The Famine Graveyard holds bodies from all communities and following a refurbishment at the time of the Millennium is a popular place for people to visit. 


Mindful of the growing number of visitors, a new tourism training course was established to train up ten tour guides to World Host standards who were on hand over the European Heritage Open Days to show visitors around. 


Over the weekend, a new phone app was launched that provides an historical overview of the Church and the graveyard and includes a new musical composition putting Jim Ledwith’s poem ‘Ardess Sorrows’ to a haunting Irish melody.  The app is on the Ardess phone box and at the famine pit site. 


One of the highlights of the busy weekend was the Service of Commemoration held on Sunday evening.  With music provided by Fermanagh Choral Society and a selection of readings and reflections the evening brought a busy weekend to a close. 


If any group wishes to book a tour of the Church please contact the Parish Office to arrange Tel 028 6863 2695 or email



Heroes of Faith Week

Our Youth week was also hosted at The Fountain Centre from the 21st - 25th August 2017.  Each night included a large group activity including a quiz night, scavenger hunt, mug painting and challenge night, followed by worship and talk about a Hero from the Bible.  The theme for the week encouraged the young people to consider how they, empowered and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, could also be heroes of faith in their everyday lives.  The week concluded with a BBQ and inflatable party on the Friday night which celebrated the end of a great week!


Epic Explorers Holiday Bible Club

The Fountain Centre hosted the Epic Explorers Holiday Bible Club from the 21st - 25th August 2017.  Around 30 children came together over the week to explore Mark's Gospel and the life of Jesus.  Through games, songs, memory verses, talks, quizzes and crafts the children discovered who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him.