Canon Henry Blair

Canon Henry Blair
The Rectory, Rosculban, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh BT93 1TF
028 6863 1820

Henry is married to Helen and they have four sons - Rodney, Keith, Nathan and Jason.

Henry came to Ardess as curate in 2006 and was appointed rector in 2011.  Henry had previously worked as an accountant and served in Monaghan as a curate for two years.

At the age of 18 Henry realised that God wanted more than just spending an hour on a Sunday morning.  The realisation that God wants a personal relationship with us was life changing.  Henry has a passion that everyone will come to realise the love God has for them as it reaches into every part of their lives; for him church exists as Gods way of showing His love.

Revd Philip Bryson

Philip Bryson
Curate Assistant
3 Castle Manor, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh BT93 1RT
028 6863 3037

Philip is married to Viola and has four fantastic children.

Philip was ordained curate to Ardess Parish Church in 2016 after serving a deacon year in Belfast.  He previously worked in the areas of Youth and Children's Work, Pastoral Support and Community Work. 

After coming to faith in his early teens, Philip got involved in C.E., C.S.S.M., C.E.F., and Sunday School, having a desire to know what God and faith was all about and to share that with others.  He has a desire to see people encounter the love of God through those who are His and to see God's people walking in freedom, power and love. 


Shirley McCann

Shirley McCann
Youth and Children's Worker
The Fountain Centre, 58 Drumwhinney Road, Rosscolban, Kesh, BT93 1TN
07542 638 402

Shirley is married to Malcolm and has two wonderful sons Callum and Jake.

Having been brought up hearing the gospel, it was at twenty-six however, she decided to personally accept Christ and fully commit her life to him. Shirley spent most of her working life serving the vulnerable in our community and more recently the general public. In 2016 she joined Ardess Church and has enjoyed being involved with children and youth activities. 

It is her desire that to see children, young people and families find freedom, restoration and life in abundance, through Christ. 

Sonia Evans


Fountain Centre, Drumwhinney, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 1SD
028 6863 2695


Sonia is the Parish Administrator and works in the Parish Office located at The Fountain Centre, Kesh.  Sonia became a Christian in 2007 after attending an Alpha Course by Ardess Parish Church.  She has been a member of one of our Life Groups since this time and joined our office in 2016.